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How To Talk About Housework Standards Without Starting A Fight

The Standards Challenge (Part Three) Talking about standards for housework can be a significant source of conflict at home. But how do you talk about it without starting a fight? The first post in this three part series examines why standards might differ between household members. If you missed Part…
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Resolving Different Housework Standards: And Stop Fighting About It

The Housework Standards Challenge (Part Two) It’s more common than you’d think for two people to fight about whether household tasks have been ‘done’. Or if everyone is doing their fair share of the work. Why is this? Often it’s because we have different understandings of the ‘Definition of done’…
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Are They Just Trying To Get Out Of Doing Housework?

The Challenge of Different Standards (Part One) Do you and your partner have different standards for housework, or different ideas of what a task being done properly means? This common problem is called the Standards Challenge. In this three part series we explore why it happens, and how to fix…
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Introducing ThirdShift

Welcome to the ThirdShift Blog! ThirdShift is creating a more equal world by changing the way busy parents work and stay connected. Originally founded to solve the problem of Mental Load – the mental work of managing and organising a household. This is work that’s disproportionately done by women, is…

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