Launch News: New Multi-Player Housework Preference Quiz

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Today we’re launching our latest quiz to help households understand imbalances and how to fix them – but with a twist. The new Housework Preference quiz is multi-player and helps you and your partner work together to find the quick-wins for how you can correct household imbalances and improve your relationship and wellbeing. This post explains why housework preference matters, and how the quiz works, so you and your partner can start working together to find a better balance.

Play to each other’s strengths and interests

Your preferences for housework can be one of the forms of imbalance that might not be obvious in how you and your partner share the workload. In most cases, couples naturally divide up the tasks they like most in fairly sensible ways – if one person likes cooking and the other prefers cleaning, it makes sense for each person to do the things they like more. But where imbalances can be less obvious is in how you handle the things no one likes to do.

Everyone has things we just can’t (Mine is hoovering)

There will always be jobs no one wants to do

By analysing your current workload based on preferences, the quiz shows you and your partner where you may have opportunities to optimise around the things you each like doing and find the best solution for handling the things no one likes.

But we don’t leave you hanging there. Once you’ve both completed your preferences, we suggest how you can make changes through having a conversation that’s focused on finding a better way to do things. It’s not prescriptive – there is no single right answer for how you should share your housework, only what works for you.

The problem is multi-player, so the solution should be too

What’s new about this quiz is that it’s multi-player. This is in response to one of the most consistent pieces of feedback we’ve seen through our research, from the Household Balance Calculator, and in feedback on our mobile app design and testing process. Women want a solution that includes their partner so that the solution can be collaborative and equal.

We completely agree. It’s critical that we get more men involved in the solution to creating more gender equality at home. The first step is to start creating more open communication and awareness about how things work currently. Despite the fact that every household in the world has housework that needs to be done, it’s one of those parts of life that we don’t think or talk about very much at all. It’s all too common for it to only come up during times of heightened tension of conflict.

We think there is a better way to have these conversations that is more open-minded, collaborative, and starts with appreciating your partner and how much they contribute. That can be difficult without the right tools to guide you. That’s where the Housework Preference Quiz can help.

Ready to get started?

This quiz builds on your results from the first quiz (the Household Balance Calculator) and provides insight alongside simple actions you can take to start creating a better balance.

We’ll ask you about whether you like or dislike particular housework tasks. We then analyse this together with your workload to see how much of your workload are things you like and don’t like.

Once you’ve got your results, you can invite your partner to complete the quiz too. When they have, you’ll have combined results that will pinpoint quick wins that can improve balance in your home.

You can take the new multi-player quiz here to start creating a more collaborative approach to finding balance in your home. We will be launching more quizzes in future, so subscribe to our mailing list if you’d like to stay up to date with our latest developments.

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