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A blog about Mental Load, managing housework and finding equality at home.

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International Women’s Day 2021 Equality

In 2021, women don’t believe they’re entitled to equality

A reality check on the world we live in on IWD 2021 It’s International Women’s Day again – the one day a year when we check in on women. And the last year has been particularly bad. New research from the Female Lead led by Cambridge University psychologist Dr Terri…
Housework Preferences Image

Launch News: New Multi-Player Housework Preference Quiz

Today we’re launching our latest quiz to help households understand imbalances and how to fix them – but with a twist. The new Housework Preference quiz is multi-player and helps you and your partner work together to find the quick-wins for how you can correct household imbalances and improve your…
Couple riding a two-seater bike together

Startup News: Scrap the App, The future is multi-player

ThirdShift started as an idea: an app to make inequality more visible, helping households to create a better balance of unpaid housework, care work and mental load. We quickly narrowed our focus to creating a solution for parents, who have the highest workload and most need help managing it. Over…
ThirdShift Housework Quiz

Why You Should Ask Your Partner To Take The ThirdShift Quiz

Do you do too much of the housework and childcare? Have you taken the ThirdShift Quiz? Here’s why it’s time for your partner to take the Quiz as well, to start having better conversations about creating a better balance at home. We launched the ThirdShift Quiz this week, and we’ve…
ThirdShift Housework Quiz

Launch News: ThirdShift Quiz Now Live!

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the ThirdShift Quiz, a free tool to help you understand your housework – how much you’re working, what you’re doing, and what your work is worth. You may be surprised to learn just how much work you do each week, and the…
Man doing housework, woman relaxing

The Joy Of Not Doing Housework (But Knowing It’s Still Being Done)

About a year ago I bought a robot vacuum. It may just be the single best thing I have ever bought. Because I feel literal joy every time I hear it switch itself on automatically to clean my house, or come home (pre-coronavirus) to find it’s cleaned while I’ve been…
Gender equality storm

A Storm Is Coming, And It’s Going To Set Gender Equality Back 40 years

In many households coronavirus lockdown has revealed cracks. Whose job gets prioritised when someone needs to take care of children? If there’s a meltdown while you’re both on conference calls, who steps out to deal with it? Your kid needs help with a school task, who gets interrupted first? Who…

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