About Us

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Our Mission

ThirdShift is a small company with a big mission. 

Our goal is to create a more equal world, and to raise the next generation to be free of gender stereotypes and their harmful impacts on us all.

We aim to make the invisible visible – actively addressing the gender data gaps and inequalities that still exist at work and home.

We use research, technology, data, psychology and neuro-hacking techniques to create practical & helpful solutions that keep people at the heart of everything we do. 

Where it all began

The idea for ThirdShift came about from Catherine’s experience of trying to build gender balanced teams in tech businesses and struggling to find enough good female talent. Despite trying lots of proven steps to attract female candidates, they still couldn’t get to 50%.

At the same time she saw her friends with successful careers struggling to continue to do what they wanted professionally after having children. Aware of how many women end up working part time, taking more junior and lower paid roles, or unable to pursue promotion, it was clear there was a deeper problem. 

This problem has its roots at home, particularly for parents, so that’s where she wanted to start.

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Meet the Team

Catherine McArthur, ThirdShift Founder & CEO

Catherine McArthur

Founder & CEO

Catherine started her career in Australia, working in politics. After moving to London in 2011 she worked in public policy, implementing environmental schemes. In 2014 she made the leap into tech to help build a startup called Cogmotive. She has worked in growth stage and enterprise tech businesses since a successful exit in 2016. 

Rafal Straburzynski, ThirdShift CTO

Rafal Straburzynski

Co-Founder & CTO

Rafal 20 years experience in software development, and is a father of two children. He ran his own company for 12 years, including building an education platform for prisoners that was rolled out in 37 prisons across Poland. Since relocating to the UK in 2013, he has worked in tech startups including Cogmotive where he met Catherine.

Valeria Leonardi

Strategic Advisor

Valeria is an experienced and successful entrepreneur, CEO and COO, specialising in go-to-market strategy and partnerships with a background in the film industry. She supports ThirdShift’s commercial development.  

Nandus du Plessis

Strategic Advisor

Nandus is an expert in brand communications, marketing and change management, helping ThirdShift define our marketing strategy and communications to build a movement.

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