Do you know what your household work is worth?

Reduce household work and eliminate your mental load with ThirdShift.

Hours of household work for a typical family with two children is 100+ hours

Why Household Work Matters

The New York Times recently reported analysis by Oxfam showing that the unpaid work done by women, if paid at minimum wage, would be worth $10.9 trillion last year. This is work that isn’t valued by our society. But it also isn’t valued at a household level. Responsibility for this work is also a major driver of mental load.

ThirdShift helps you to value household work by understanding who is doing the work, what it’s worth, and how you can manage it more fairly.

Reduce Your mental load

86% of working mothers say they are responsible for handling all family and household responsibilities. And that – the job of being the CEO, people manager and admin assistant for the household – is the Mental Load. It’s the mental work of having to constantly remember, organise, account for, plan and manage your life and the lives of your household.

ThirdShift reduces mental load by taking over the work of remembering, capturing, delegating and managing household work so you don’t have to. So start understanding the value of your household work today.

Organise your home, reduce your mental load

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How ThirdShift Can Help

Understand The Value Of Your Work​​

ThirdShift helps you understand the value of your household work. It allows you compare it with your partner and others.

Automatically collect data on your household work. See how many hours of work you do and its monetary value.

Keep On Top Of Your To Do Lists​​

ThirdShift is the first app designed to help reduce mental load.

It automatically creates your daily task feed. It reminds you of things you need to do. And it helps you feel good about the work you’ve done. 

Reduce Mental Load, Discover Equality

Invite your partner to join your account and ThirdShift. The app will show them how they can do their share. No more reminding or delegating!

Equip yourself with data on household workload so you can change the conversation from emotional to factual. 

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Launch News: ThirdShift Quiz Now Live!
Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the ThirdShift Quiz, a free tool to help you understand your housework – how much you’re working, what you’re doing, and what your work is worth.…