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ThirdShift’s goal is to create generational change by disrupting how families work and stay connected so that every person has the freedom to find their purpose.

We’re creating tools that go beyond managing your workload, to help improve relationships and promote wellbeing.

Parents with growing children

The Work-Life Balance Myth

We all want balance.

But it’s unrealistic to try and keep everything in balance all the time. And frankly, it can be just an added pressure that none of us need. That’s why at ThirdShift we take a long term view on balance – what some have described as “tilting”. 

A 2009 study that looked at what happy women are doing differently found that people who were happiest in life did not try and keep work and life in perfect balance all the time. Instead, they would “tilt”. 

A Different Kind of Balance

Tilting is being aware of the shifting pressures in life and prioritising based on what was most important at a given point in time. Sometimes you have a big project deadline at work and you need to put more of your time and energy into getting it across the line. Other times, you might be preparing your child to start school or moving house, and need to dedicate more of your efforts to things at home.

The balance comes from feeling able and supported in tilting in the right direction when the need arises. In order to do this, you need a partner who can counter-balance. They help pick up the slack to empower you to be where you’re most needed.

Parents with a child
ThirdShift Housework Quiz

Making the invisible visible

The first step on any journey is to find where you are on the map. So before you can start creating balance long term, use the free ThirdShift Quiz to see what your current workload looks like.  

Start Finding Your Balance

1. Take the quiz

The ThirdShift Quiz is a free tool to understand your current workload. 

In just 3 minutes, find out how much work you’re doing, where you spend your time, and the economic value of your housework.

Try it yourself, and ask your partner or a friend to take it as well. Use your results to have a conversation based on evidence instead of opinion.

2. Become a Founding User

ThirdShift goes beyond managing productivity to helping you nurture relationships and promote wellbeing. The goal isn’t perfection, it’s helping you find the balance that works for you. 

The app is in development currently, and we’re looking for our first 1,000 founding users to join our quest to help you find a better balance. 

Will you join us?

3. Find your balance

When the app is ready to test, you’ll receive your invitation to help you get started.

Find a better balance and reduce your mental load with streamlined task tracking, focused time to getting things done faster, and reminders to take time to focus on connection, and give yourself a much needed break.

Find out more about ThirdShift.

Apply to be a Founding User

We’re looking for our first 1,000 users who will get exclusive access to the ThirdShift app, and help shape the future of our quest to create a better way for families to live and work. 

Founding Users get:

  • An invitation to be part of our pilot to test the app before we launch
  • First access to the app when it’s released
  • Early access to new features as they’re developed
Apply to be a ThirdShift Founding User
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Sharing the load

Why Housework Matters

The New York Times recently reported analysis by Oxfam showing that the unpaid work done by women globally, if paid at minimum wage, would be worth $10.9 trillion last year. That makes women’s unpaid work the fourth largest economy in the world! This is work that isn’t recognised by our society, but also isn’t valued enough at a household level. Responsibility for this work is also a major driver of mental load.

Unfortunately discussions about housework and if you’re doing too much can quickly turn into a fight. The ThirdShift Quiz helps you to change this conversation. In 3 minutes, it shows you who is doing the work, what it’s worth, and gives you the information you need to have more constructive conversations about how you share the load in your home.

Mental Load & Motherhood

86% of working mothers say they are responsible for handling all family and household responsibilities. And that – the job of being the CEO, people manager and admin assistant for the household – is the Mental Load. It’s the mental work of having to constantly remember, organise, account for, plan and manage your life and the lives of your household.

At ThirdShift we’re creating a solution to reduce your mental load by taking over the work of remembering, capturing, delegating and managing household work so you don’t have to. If you want to reduce your mental load and find a better balance in your life and household, sign up to become a Founding User of the ThirdShift app now.

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